Born from a dream of making exceptional visuals, we offer high-end photography services. Driven by our wish to create, we commit to our projects whether they take place in a warm studio or a rainy forest. We value professionalism and as true craftsmanship calls for knowledge, speed, quality and skill, we offer it all.

High-end photo production​

A sprinkle of madness

We are ready to bring your wildest ideas to life, no matter how mad they are. This is custom-made photography, tailored just for you. Have an idea for an ad campaign that will have people talking about it for years to come? Want to add a sprinkle of madness to your next magazine cover and take it beyond our world? We are here to bring you high-end creative photo production from start to finish. Let us know and we will help you make it happen.​

High-end photo production​

Consistency is the key

Generating content for your weekly or daily posts can get tiring very quickly. This is where our team of professionals come in. Every month we will supply photo and/or video content for the purposes of social media. We will maintain your brand’s identity and vocabulary, while merging it with creative photography, to create visuals that will help you stand out. Interested? Get in contact and we will gladly walk you through our process and pricing.​


From lighting assistants to set-builders​

You have a project coming and need extra assistants or builders? Let us know, we boast quite the list of skills. Here are some of the titles we might bear in a project: digital assistant (photography & videography), lighting assistant (photography & videography), set-builder, prop-maker,set-designer and stylist.

Kristjan Järv

Founder, Photographer
Brings your ideas to life

Kristina Raadik

Founder, Production Manager
Keeps things running

Adele Tölpt

Founder, Creative Director
Helps envision your ideas

Exceptional quality and eye for detail.
Agile production and fast delivery to match you needs.
Original concepts and distinctive visuals to tell your story.
In-house production from start to finish.